Our HR division offers guidance and support on all day to day HR issues and queries.  We ensure that our clients are compliant with their legal requirements, providing support in relation to employee contracts, handbooks (incorporating all relevant policies and procedures), the induction process and training and development requirements.  We also provide support in relation to the ongoing recruitment and retention of staff, including the interview process, performance reviews and talent retention.

Interview & Recruitment Selection

We understand that recruiting the right team members is one of the most important decisions for every business.  We can help by working with you to draft the original jobs spec, short listing candidates and developing an interview template to help you to select the best candidate for the job, including the right cultural fit for your organisation.


We can provide you with Employment Contracts for employees that are in full or part time employment.  We can also produce a comprehensive Employee Handbook outlining all your workplace policies and procedures for your employees.  We will ensure the relevant sections of your handbook are updated on an ongoing basis as legislation adapts and changes.

Induction Programme

An Induction Programme is the important process of introducing new employees to your Business.  It will ensure that all new employees receive sufficient orientation when starting in the Business and realise where they fit in the Business.  Time also needs to be taken to ensure that the employee has read the Employee Handbook and is familiar with and understands all the policies and procedures within that handbook.

Training & Development

Training and Development of new employees is essential for both the Employer and Employee.  It is essential for each Business to identify training requirements for all new employees and implement this training as quickly as possible.  This ranges from Manual Handling, GDPR, Compliance to Health & Safety training where applicable.  A strong training and development programme will also allow employees to develop their own skill set both internally and externally.

Payroll Services

We can provide a complete payroll service for all your employees whether they are paid weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  This will include the provision of weekly and monthly payslips, the filing of the appropriate P30 return, issuing of P45’s when required, the annual P35 filing and the issuing of P60 documentation.  You will also have access to advice on any payroll issue when it arises.

HR Support Services

We understand that the growth of the Business is the ultimate goal and when issues arise with employees, they take a considerable amount of time to deal with.  Our HR Support Services gives you access on an ongoing basis to experienced HR professionals who can answer all your queries and deal with any issues as they arise, taking the time and stress element from you.  This service will also ensure that you are fully up to date in relation to compliance and legislation.

Performance Reviews & Talent Retention

Performance Reviews are very often forgotten about.  However in the current competitive labour market, it is important that each company develops a talent retention plan for its employees that works for both the company and the employees.

Performance Reviews are an essential element in retaining staff members and ensuring that they are performing to the required level on an ongoing basis.  It is important that a Company has a regular performance review system in place, providing positive and construction feedback so that the employee can continue to perform and grow at a high level.  It also gives an employee the opportunity to discuss their personal growth and vision in the Business.

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