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Got Questions?  We’ve Got Answers!  At Almega we are committed to helping you succeed. Here are some of the Frequently asked question we get asked. We may have the answer below, if not feel free to give us a call and see how we can help.

“How does an independent business review work?”

An independent business review is designed to assess the current performance of a business, including its strengths and weaknesses. Its aim is to understand the current trading dynamic of the business and to provide recommendations which address any weaknesses in the business and further enhance any strengths. An independent business review should create a clear picture of the viability of a business.

“My loan has been sold by my Bank to a loan note acquirer. What should I do next?” 

In the current economic climate there has been a significant volume of loan portfolio sales. When the transaction is completed the loan acquirer will write to you to inform you that they have purchased the loan and indicating what the next steps you should follow are.

“What should my preferred outcome be in a corporate debt restructuring scenario?”

One of the main objectives in corporate debt restructuring is to reach agreement with the lender so that the business can continue to trade in a sustainable manner going forward while repaying a level of debt that is viable based on the company’s current financial position. Some of the key points which are common during this process will be the current and future trading performance of the business and how the entire debt would be dealt with into the future.

“My business is going successfully, why do I need a strategic and operational review at this point?” 

A strategic and operational review can help a growing company identify what has worked well in the past but also a look at alternative ways of improving the company’s performance and increasing its growth into the future. It should also give the management of the company a framework to benchmark its performance off.


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